Impartial and just treatment or behaviour without favouritism or discrimination

Why is fairness important

Unfair treatment often becomes a significant source of negativity and frustration. It will be a source of demotivation to the individual, and might prove toxic to co-workers. Fairness is experienced by everyone within the organisation; from fairness towards an individual, to how fair the company treats other individuals in the team, department, or based anywhere else in the organisation, through every line of business and hierarchy level. Even when an individual has always been treated fairly, a feeling of unfairness can still be experienced due to unfair behaviour elsewhere in the organisation.

Where issues with fairness often occur

The most common instances of unfairness are experienced with regards to compensation and career progression. Keep a close eye on these areas. If you expect that your employees don’t know that you compensate them differently; you are likely to be wrong.

Another area in which unfairness often shows up, is in your procedures and processes. Make sure to assess every new procedure or process on fairness.

The quick fix

Ask yourself if your next decision is fair. Would you be comfortable to explain your decision in front of all your employees, or in front of a television camera? If the answer is yes, your decision is probably fair.

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Employee Trust

What is employee trust? It focuses on the trust that employees have in their employer.


Employees will assess whether the organisation has the competencies to deliver.

Improving employee trust

Improving and maintaining trust is a continuous process. Here you’ll find out what you need to do.

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