The key to achieving high performance

Why are some companies continuously outperforming their competition?

The question that has kept us busy for a long time.

We found the answer: Organisational trust.
Now we help you to benefit from it too.

The proven success of trust

Creating a high-trust work environment will benefit your business in many ways. Not only will your team be happier, they will also be 11 times more likely to innovate, 6 times more likely to achieve high levels of performance, and to generate an average of 5% higher revenue levels than low or medium trust businesses. There will be lower employee turnover, absenteeism, fewer safety incidents, and higher customer ratings. All because of trust.

Our team

The team behind TrustXP consist of passionate trust-experts. A combination of academics, business builders and technicians, dedicated to build the tools that deliver proven results, that are effective to implement and execute, and that are safe and secure. Our CEO, Timen Baart, has written a book about Employee Trust. We’ll show you our expertise.

  • Define your priorities
    Step one

    Improving organisational trust starts with building awareness. But most often, you don’t need to start from scratch. Together with our experts you will determine your priorities, so that you can be effective from the get-go

  • Measure trust levels
    Step two

    Our proven survey methodology enables you to gather the insights necessary to start improving your business

  • Analyse the results
    Step three

    Create your roadmap to improvement. There will be items that need little attention, and some that could use improvement. Make sure to communicate these to your employees, and define which area’s need your focus now

  • Action on priorities
    Step four

    Whether it are quick wins or big projects, your employees will appreciate your sincere improvements to the organisation. This is the time to get things done

  • And repeat the process
    Step five

    Building organisational trust is a never ending process. And that is a good thing. Because when are building trust, your employees will help you build your business. That is how you will get to the real results

Every organisation should measure trust

Continuously measure & improve

Trust is for many business leaders an elusive topic. For a good reason, as trust was always difficult to measure.

Until now; TrustXP helps you to stay on top of your most important business metric. Your teams perform better when they trust the fairness and competence of your organisation.

Rooted in Research

Science-based surveys & questionnaires

Our measurement methods used are rooted in research. Created by experts, we use surveys that aligned with trust research and the highest industry standards. 

Customized for you

Each business is different

Trust is built up from the same characteristics. But not each business is the same. That is why your measurement will be tailored to your business and individual trust needs.

Beyond the measurement

The goal is not just to know, but to improve

High levels of trust in your organisation is what will unlock its true potential. That is why we won’t only help you to measure trust, but will also assist you to act on your measurement results.

Practice makes perfect

Train your leadership to become trust experts

Fast-track your progress by increasing trust awareness and skills with our tailored leadership training programme.

How to start improving trust in your organisation?

Working on trust will pay off, every time. Getting started is easier than it might seem. Whether you’re an employee, manager, HR professional or CEO, let’s grab a (virtual) cup
of coffee and discuss your action plan.

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