Core Trust Survey

The employee survey that measures everything you need

The Core Trust Survey is our most used survey. It measures all aspects that matter to your employees and to the business within the time equivalent of a coffee break.

Questions: 84
Average duration: 22 minutes
Suitable for: Quarterly/bi-annual employee survey for departments and organizations from 10 to 10.000 individuals
Measured concepts: Trust, Employee Net Promoter Score, Fairness, Competence, Reciprocity, Identification, Absorption, Adaptability, Autonomy, Collaboration, Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Culture, Customer Focus, Dedication, Career Development, Direct Manager, Engagement, Cultural Inclusion, Managerial Inclusion, Innovation, Leadership, Mission & Vision, Process & Work Environment, Product, Recognition & Reward, External Reputation, Resources, Satisfaction, Talent Management, Values and Moral Principles, Vigor and Work-Life Balance
Including: Status dashboard, full reporting, all employee comments, full data export
Pricing: All-inclusive pricing below

Core Trust Survey
0 – 100 participants

€649 or $749

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Core Trust Survey
100 – 500 participants

€799 or $925

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Core Trust Survey
500 – 10.000 participants

€1,249 or $1,450

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Solid surveys with simple prices

All companies are different. Employee behaviour, motivation and productivity always work the same way. 

Most companies don’t need complex survey architecture, professional services and expensive sales teams. You just need a good employee survey. That is what we are here for, with our trust surveys based on decades of academic research (and practice in the real world).

We are currently in BETA. That means that we love to receive your feedback. If you have any suggestions that can help us improve, please share!

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