**** “Engagement surveys made easy. We’ll use it again.” – Head of HR, 100-500 employees, Dallas, Texas

***** “Invaluable insights into our own people” – CEO, up to 100 employees, Berlin, Germany

***** “No-brainer for this price” – Head of Staff, 100-500 employees, Salt Lake City, Utah

Employee Surveys that work

Before TrustXP we didn’t know why our best people left and more importantly, how to keep them
With TrustXP we know what drives our team and how we can improve our business to do even better. That makes the team happy and makes the company productive

Why many teams use TrustXP for their employee surveys?

Proven effective

TrustXP uses standardized surveys based on decades of academic research, allowing every organization to benefit from a proven effective survey

You own your data

We understand that needs may change. It might happen that you want to manage your surveys differently in the future. We’re with you: easily export all the data from TrustXP and off you go, without limitations

Fully anonymized reporting dashboards

Get nothing but honest answers from your team, as our tech ensures complete anonymity of their responses. We pride ourselves on our third-party confidentiality

Easy to get started

You can send your survey in under 15 minutes. Simply 1) select the survey that suits your business, 2) edit the survey details, 3) upload your teams email addresses and 4) GO!

Standardized pricing

Every organization is different, but trust and engagement work the same. 95 per cent of companies does not need an expensive, customized survey. You know what to expect with our standardized pricing

We’re on a mission

We believe that all stakeholders of a business are better off when trust is high. That is why we are working hard on improving accessibility to trust. Any suggestions? We’re listening!

Employee trust

What is employee trust? It focuses on the trust that employees have in their employer.


Fairness is experienced by everyone in the organisation, and it’s crucial to employee trust.


Employees will assess whether the organisation has the competencies to deliver.

Improve trust

Guidance on what employee trust is and how to improve employee trust.

Take control of trust

Start to improve employee trust

You can improve the trust in your organisation by following a simple, yet effective, proven process.

Whilst the process is simple, the execution isn’t. It starts with your commitment to build a better organisation, focussed on improved results for the company and its employees, on all levels.

With all the rest, we will help you to continuously measure and improve trust.

You agree that trust is important, but are confused about the high costs of a good survey?

No complicated in-take meetings, custom pricing or other unnecessary blockers to start improving your organisation with trust

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