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Before TrustXP we didn’t know why people left and more importantly, how to keep them.
With TrustXP we know what drives our team and how we can improve our business to do even better. That makes the team happy and makes the company productive

Trust in numbers


Higher YoY Revenue


More likely to innovate


Higher Productivity

Employee trust

What is employee trust? It focuses on the trust that employees have in their employer.


Fairness is experienced by everyone in the organisation, and it’s crucial to employee trust.


Employees will assess whether the organisation has the competencies to deliver.


A free trust-assessment and a guide on what it is and how to improve employee trust.

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Trust in the workplace creates engaged employees

First, employees were liabilities. Then they became your greatest assets. But in this age of machine learning and AI, and in an era of unlimited opportunities, your people are.. people. They have their own goals and ambition. At the same time, it are humans who connect the dots that lead to innovation. It are the extra hours they make that increase productivity, and their focus and energy that makes your organisation more profitable.

Trust has proven to be the differentiator between high-performing companies and the rest. Because when your team trusts that the organisation will help them achieve their ambition, they will go for it. It’s your job to create that trust. Nevertheless, employee trust is for many business leaders an elusive topic. For good reasons, as trust was always difficult to measure. Until now.

The innovative company

creating consistent innovation

Employees that trust their organisation dare to take more risks and will speak up about ways to improve products and processes, which results in higher levels of innovation

Productive & Profitable

A culture of exceptional performance

Find out which performance blockers exist in the business and remove these. Build the trust in the organisation, so that the teams can focus on what matters

Outperform competition

Continuous top performance is no coincidence

High levels of trust in your organisation is what will unlock its true potential. Research shows a constant, long-term overperformance for the most trusted organisationations.

With happy employees

Committed to building and maintaining trust

The best outcome of improving trust is that your organisation will be a happy place where people want to work, perform, and make career. It only requires your sincere commitment

Take control of trust

Start to improve employee trust

You can improve the trust in your organisation by following a simple, yet effective, proven process.

Whilst the process is simple, the execution isn’t. It starts with your commitment to build a better organisation, focussed on improved results for the company and its employees, on all levels.

With all the rest, we will help you to continuously measure and improve trust.

You agree that trust is important. Start increasing your awareness today.

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