Improving employee trust

Practice makes perfect. Whilst most of us know deep down that trust matters, it is often a difficult topic to be conscious about.

Eventually, every organization aims for trust improvement. Whether we point you in the right direction, or sit beside you with rolled-up sleeves; we are here to help.

This page showcases trust-improvement services by TrustXP.

If you want to know more about how to improve trust, you will find that information here.

Do It Yourself
(with a little help from us)

Trust leadership workshop

Duration: One-day. Ideal group size:  5-8
Intended outcome:

  • Knowledge and awareness of employee trust
  • A shared vision on trust in this company
  • An agreed approach to improve trust

Trust manager workshop

Duration: One day. Ideal group size 5-12
Intended outcome:

  • More effective managers, who have the
  • Awareness and knowledge of trust and the role they play in employee trust, through
  • Empathic & compassionate leadership


All leaders and managers on the same page? We’re providing speaking engagements about creating productive teams, motivating teams, and employee trust for management kick-offs and other occasions.

Extra pair(s) of hands

Improvement plan

The TrustXP improvement plan contains actionable advice with tangible outcomes, based on TrustXP or your own data. It is designed for iterative improvements and focuses on leadership, communication, processes, culture and actions.


Most of the improvements will have to be implemented by the organization. Don’t worry: TrustXP can assist. Whether it is policy design or leadership coaching, we will help you out to ensure a smooth implementation process.

Communication strategy

Communicating your intentions and improvements is an important element in the employee trust experience. We assist with communication strategy design.


We coach several individuals who want to make trust a competitive advantage. Whether it is a coaching trajectory, or assistance with individual matters, TrustXP will help you

Start improving trust in your organisation

Working on trust will pay off, every time. Getting started is easier than it might seem. Whether you’re an employee, manager, HR professional or CEO, let’s grab a (virtual) cup
of coffee and discuss your action plan.

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