Measuring employee trust

Whilst it is important that you trust your team; the real power unlocks when your team trusts you. However, trust often erodes without the manager being aware of it.

Identifying trust blockers

TrustXP provides insight into trust blockers. What causes employee trust to drop? What should be addressed to improve trust? An independent, third-party approach allows your teams to be open and honest. Whilst your team is ensured of confidentiality, you get the actionable insights you need.


Company-wide or departmental trust measurement, at intervals that suit you. Anonymised survey results that provide actionable insights.
In-house developed survey methodology, based on leading trust research, created and tested by experts.


Trust deep-dives with selected individuals in the organisation are an efficient way to provide a holistic overview of trust deficiencies that reduce productivity, change and innovation, and increase employee turnover.

Continuous measurement

Employee trust isn’t a one-off trick: it requires ongoing efforts and commitment. But you will reap the rewards.

TrustXP surveys can be conducted at intervals that suit you. As often as monthly, you will stay on top of any trust barriers that occur. At the same time, you can see the progress that your team is making by benchmarking against yourself.


It’s our mission to improve trust in every organisation. That’s why our surveys are softly priced. Get in touch below for a quote to start identifying your trust blockers. 


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