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Over the past year-and-a-bit TrustXP has worked with companies to improve employee trust. We are proud that we have been playing a minor part in creating happier and more productive workplaces. We have developed trust surveys and our simple survey tool, allowing us to help companies all over the world.

With the recent developments regarding COVID-19, we can’t express our gratitude to those amongst us who are fighting the battle outside of their house. Thank you.

The rest of us will work from home. And whilst this isn’t nearly as hard as the other challenges people are facing today, being happy and productive whilst WFH isn’t as straightforward as it seems. A new chair in a different whilst known place, new routines, a different way of communicating with your co-workers as well as distractions. And we’re not even talking about how to deal with your manager (or managing your team).

We asked ourselves how we can help. Our team created the TrustXP Work_From_Home survey, and from now on anyone can use it for free. It’s designed to create a happy and productive work experience for those who have to change their ways.

The TrustXP Work_From_Home survey covers the following items, based on literature and experience:

  • Communication
  • Processes
  • Productivity
  • (Work_from_home) balance
  • Digital tools
  • Equipment
  • Inclusivity
  • Trust

This survey will be free for any organisation that deems it useful. And as you might want to adapt to the answers, you can use it as often as needed to ask if your changes are successful. 

If you, your organisation, your team or even your client would like to use it, just drop us a line below. We’ll get the TrustXP Work_From_Home survey to you asap (do allow us some turn-around time!)

    Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash

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