Becoming a trustworthy leader


Learn how to become a leader who is trusted by her team and who gets things done.

Becoming a trustworthy leader is a one-day workshop.

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  • How do we build effective teams with motivated individuals who hit targets?
  • What motivates employees? Is it possible to create groups of employees who are intrinsically motivated?
  • How do I become a manager and a leader who is trusted by their teams?
  • How does employee trust work, and what are the benefits to managers focussing on it?

On the journey towards becoming a trustworthy leader, we will deep dive what trust is, how it builds, and why it is important. Specifically employee trust will be dissected to its components. Attendees will leave the workshops with a better understanding, new skills, and actionable take-aways to put in practice straight away: a compassionate leadership style, aimed at improving trust within the manager’s team

What to expect
During this full-day program you will:

  • Get an extensive introduction into employee trust, engagement, the key elements and the role leadership plays
  • Explore motivation and alignment of goals
  • Group exercises to identify trust dynamics & barriers
  • Receive practical guidance on the do’s and don’ts when building trust
  • Agree on a trust approach and discover an actionable roadmap to trust building

You will walk away from the training with

  • Knowledge and awareness of employee trust
  • Practical skills to build trust in your team
  • Awareness of trust pitfalls
  • Extensive insights into how trust builds
  • Communication skills for trust


  • A group of up to 20 attendants
  • Undivided attention during the session

 Suited for 

  • Managers, senior and junior
  • Individuals in a position of power over others


Pre-training introduction
Before the kick-off there will be an introductory conversation about your experiences, specific requirements and company specifics

Information and bookings
These one-day workshops are held worldwide.
For more information and bookings, please get in touch with us via phone +353 86 418 2992, or email